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If you used to vote at the Grimes Center (3-3, 3-4), you now Vote at the School District Administration Building (OLD OAKMONT SCHOOL) in the rear of the building. 50 E. Eagle Road. (ACROSS THE STREET FROM WAWA).



My name is Kevin McCloskey. I am running as a Democrat for Third Ward Commissioner. I grew up in Havertown, moved away for school and my early career, and then chose to move back here to raise our children. I believe in Havertown and know from experience it is a special place. I also believe that Haverford Township has significant untapped potential based on our schools, our location and most importantly our residents. Working together through big picture thinking, we can make this exceptional place even more special. I believe I have something to offer and that is why I am running to be township commissioner in the Third Ward. I look forward to meeting my neighbors between now and November in hopes that you see our hometown the same way I do.

If i am elected commissioner i promise to do the following:

√ Work closely with law enforcement to maintain the safety of
   our community.

√ Work with businesses and improvement organizations to make
   our business districts vital and attractive.

√ Increase transparency in local government to allow for
   maximum citizen awareness and input.

√ Improve the communication systems on the Township starting with
   the modernization of the Township's web site

√ Expand beautification initiatives of our public spaces

√ Expand and improve our recycling programs based on
   continual updates for cost savings and efficiency.

√ Maintain the excellent quality of our schools and recreation programs





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